Cadence Beta

$29.00 $49.00

Cadence Beta

 Cadence is currently in beta with limited quantities. As one of the very first Cadence members, you'll get:

  • The Cadence Smart Compact device
  • Access to personalized data and assistance on the Cadence iOS app 
  • Discounts on the monthly subscription fee - only $6/month for beta testers (30% off) 
  • New features we’re testing before we release to the world. Feedback you provide at this stage will be important in helping shape the future of Cadence!

To qualify for Cadence Beta, you:  

  • Are willing to provide weekly feedback via a quick survey 
  • Have an iPhone (Cadence is currently iOS only.)

To join the Cadence Beta Program, place your order here, then click the "BETA" link and to fill out the quick application. When you place your order here, your spot will be reserved, but your order will not be confirmed until application has been reviewed for eligibility. You will be contacted by the Cadence team within 24 hours of ordering.