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Cadence saves you time by delivering your pill of choice on a reliable schedule, directly to your door. Once your prescription arrives, the Cadence Smart Compact helps you get the most out of the pill, sensing when you take your daily dose, keeping you on track, and providing reproductive health guidance along the way

As one of the very first Cadence members, you'll get:

  • The Cadence Smart Compact device
  • Your monthly prescription delivered to your door
  • Access to personalized data and assistance on the Cadence iOS app 
  • Discounts on the monthly subscription fee, which is usually $6/month after initiation 
  • New features we’re testing before we release to the world. Feedback you provide at this stage will be important in helping shape the future of Cadence!

Technical Details

  • The Cadence Smart Compact is pocket sized, and works with any standard rectangular or circular blister pack. 
  • Cadence uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to communicate with the app.
  • Long Battery Life - The Smart Compact battery lasts for one year, and we'll send you a new case when it's time for a refresh

Note: Cadence is currently iOS only. 

To join the Cadence Beta Program, click the "JOIN BETA" link and fill out the quick application. If you place your order here, your spot will be reserved, but your card will not be charged until a space in the Beta Program opens up. 

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